Personal Introduction

 I am Qiu Hu, borned in Hunan Province, China, and now I am living in Nanjing, JiangSu Province of China.
 Now I am a graduate student of Nanjing University, recently I am focusing on machine learning and distributed machine learning or deep learning on big data, I welcome any communication with me if you want!
 I was an acmer, and can code in C/C++, Java, and Python, now I am trying to use scala, actually I prefer Python, because it has almost simplest syntax but great power.
 In my daily life, I prefer to play badminton, table tennis, and basketball, play computer games like League of Legends(LOL), War3, Red Alert, Sangokushi, Mahjong etc. Traveling and Photograph are also my hobbies, going to different beautiful and interesting places and catching wonderful scenery and interesting person using camera brings me great joy!
 And I have a lot of interest in mastering different language, I am familiar with Xiang Chinese, and now I can have simple conversation with people using Cantonese, Français and 한국말, and I am on my way to be more proficient and learn more interesting language!
 Just enjoy your reading here, hope there is something that can help you~

Books In Reading…

And I also like writing and reading. Recently I am reading:
  • 《苏菲的世界》
  • 《Deep Learning》

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